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    Of Milk Teas, Smoothies and Pinoy Comfort Foods

    I’ve always been fascinated with food presentation and packaging. I find joy in just looking at the pastries behind the glass display and wondering when can I paint them the soonest. So when I went on my 8-week hiatus (a.k.a. “self-directed artist residency”), I fully immersed myself on painting my “dream food and drinks” - “dream” because I will only eat/drink them in my dreams! LOL!

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    My Own Line of Washi Stickers

    Mid-2019, I was on the verge of mental breakdown for looking after 4 humans, 1 dog and myself. I took an 8-week hiatus from housework (mom-daughter-Inday-driver duties), packed my bags and went overseas to give myself a break and allow myself to just make art for the sake of creating. I called it “self-directed artist residency”. 😊 Little did I know that that 8-week hiatus will be a start of yet another adventure...

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    Week 7 - 52 Weeks of Christian Mindfulness

    I did a self-check: “I’m okay. I’m at peace.”, I told myself. I can’t help but smile. 😊 You see, from the many years that passed, I never liked this day because I was bitter (bitter daw o! 🤣) - it brings back bad memories and resentments, and now, my long distance relationship with my husband. But today, it’s different.