I attended Kuya Robert Alejandro’s online art class on FB live and we drew three #dearfrontliners. I was inspired that I continued to paint more frontline workers.

As a “tribute of district 12” ?, I’ve encountered them for the past 50+ days of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) when I go out to buy our basic necessities. I have doctor and nurse friends who are currently in the frontlines, sacrificing their safety away from their family. I cannot imagine if the garbage guys don’t show up to collect our trash, or the delivery guys who bring us food when we’re tired of my cooking!

If only I can send each one of them a “thank you card” but with our situation now, that’s impossible. So I thought of making an “Thank You e-card” that can also be used as “wallpaper” for mobile phones that anyone can send to a frontline worker.

We cannot thank them enough for the service that they do especially during this time but a little act of kindness & gratitude may help them get through the day.

NOTE: Feel free to send them to anyone you want to thank to. Can be distributed for personal use. Just DO NOT edit or print artwork without prior consent from the me. ?