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    “I’m allergic to Math!”...or so I thought.

    I don’t really know what Data Science was but I got interested on “Big Data” last year that I bought the book AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee after I saw his interview on CNN. I never got to read the book but encouraged my husband to read it! Haha! ? We both ended up not reading the book - yet. I watched The Great Hack on Netflix and that is, at the most, what I know about Data Science.

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    If only I can send each one of them a “thank you card” but with our situation now, that’s impossible. So I thought of making an “Thank You e-card” that can also be used as “wallpaper” for mobile phones that anyone can send to a frontline worker. We cannot thank them enough for the service that they do especially during this time but a little act of kindness & gratitude may help them get through the day.

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    Of Milk Teas, Smoothies and Pinoy Comfort Foods

    I’ve always been fascinated with food presentation and packaging. I find joy in just looking at the pastries behind the glass display and wondering when can I paint them the soonest. So when I went on my 8-week hiatus (a.k.a. “self-directed artist residency”), I fully immersed myself on painting my “dream food and drinks” - “dream” because I will only eat/drink them in my dreams! LOL!


  • Airees Rondain

    Visual Artist. Storyteller. Entrepreneur. Eco-Warrior.

    Airees is a visual artist/ illustrator living in the Philippines, working across illustration, publishing and surface pattern. Her eclectic style ranges from lighthearted “Doodle Girls” to organic illustrated recipes to interesting mix of paper, paint and pen for her collages.

    Her first collection, “Musings in Color”, were all taken from the pages of her art journal and appeared in various handmade paper products such as paper wallets, decorative boxes and frames, journals and travelers notebooks exported across the US, Europe and Asia through and sold at fair trade shops.

    Airees teaches creative journaling and mixed media collage workshops across the country and give talks on her personal journey as to how #ARTheals. 

    Airees’ work is inspired by mindful living, nature, travel and food. 

    For commissions, collabs, workshops and general inquiry, please contact:

    “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well.”- Diane Ackerman

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Journey to Artist Residency

Three years after dreaming big, building my portfolio and getting clear with my goals and intentions…

I got accepted to an Artist Residency somewhere in Europe!