My Own Line of Washi Stickers

2018 was the year I decided to focus on building my portfolio and prepare my designs and illustrations for licensing. Since then, I’ve worked mainly on home decor and food illustration. It was also the year I dreamed of having my own line of washi stickers with my illustrations and designs. Doing creative journaling for many years now, I love stickers and wouldn’t it be great to see my own on my favorite product!

Mid-2019, I was on the verge of mental breakdown for looking after 4 humans, including myself & a dog. I took an 8-week hiatus from housework (mom-daughter-Inday-driver duties), packed my bags and went overseas to give myself a break and allow myself to just make art for the sake of creating. I called it “self-directed artist residency”. ? Little did I know that that 8-week hiatus will be a start of yet another adventure…

If you’re reading this, join me as I share my journey to making one dream come on a series of blog posts in the coming weeks hopefully, it will inspire you to start making your own dreams come true no matter what age or season you’re in. 

As I open my online shop and launch my line of washi stickers, thought I’ll share a series of blog posts on the story and behind the scenes for each design – from random brain farts to conceptualization, to painting and digitizing and making me dream of a washi sticker line a reality. 


My 2019 Year of Mindfulness Calendar featuring yoga practice and my Chocolate Lab, Smirnoff.

2019 was a year of mindfulness practice for me. Having been diagnosed with DDD, one of the was to relieve me from chronic pain is to do yoga. Easy is as it may seem and spelled out, I just can’t get into a regular routine! It would have been easier for me to run 5K everyday than do a pose (check what term)

In between cafe dates with myself and running around the park during my 8-week self-directed artist residency, I thought painting a series of Doodle Girl in different yoga poses with quotes based from a yoga illustration I made for my 2019 Year of Mindfulness calendar.  This might finally get me into yoga because “practice what you preach”, right? As of this writing, I haven’t dusted off my yoga mat and my yoga app subscription expired expired already! Oh well….

So this is the final washi sticker design called “Namaste”. Drawn and painted in analog (watercolor), digitally-enhanced and text added in Procreate.

My Namaste washi sticker now available at, Common Room Ayala Malls Manila Bay and at Makers at Dear Paper (Cebu)
How I use my Namaste washi stickers on my traveler’s notebook journal

Do you use stickers for your journaling or do you prefer to draw/paint on your journal?