About Airees

– I took up Computer Science but I like designing and painting with my hands than coding with my fingers!

– I picked up the paintbrush again in 2014 after 24 years and have been painting since then.

– I’ve been running since 2011. I ran my first 21K at the age of 40 and have completed 3 half-marathons to date.

– I’m an ENFP.

– I don’t eat any food with mayonnaise and catsup.


Braver Goals for 2017-2020

  • To be represented by a licensing agent and see my designs on home decor, paper goods and fabric for sustainable brands both local and international. [VERY SOON!???]
  • Get accepted to an Artist Residency in any European country and sketch/paint while exploring. [CHECKED!]
  • To see my Art+Sustainability peg on home decor and in fashion. [CHECKED! Plus others are also winging it!]
  • ART+Faith stickers + my own line of washi stickers! [CHECKED!]
  • Finish and publish my book project “HERstory: Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Stories”, a compilation of women stories of adversities and victories, an interactive art journal. [IN-PROGRESS]
  • Distribute “HERstory” to girls and women survivors of human trafficking as part of their art therapy towards healing. [SOON!]
  • A rustic white industrial-themed disability-led art & studio overlooking the London skyline! (Hey, I can dream, right?! ?) Okay, anywhere would be fine!