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    “I’m allergic to Math!”...or so I thought.

    I don’t really know what Data Science was but I got interested on “Big Data” last year that I bought the book AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee after I saw his interview on CNN. I never got to read the book but encouraged my husband to read it! Haha! ? We both ended up not reading the book - yet. I watched The Great Hack on Netflix and that is, at the most, what I know about Data Science.

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    If only I can send each one of them a “thank you card” but with our situation now, that’s impossible. So I thought of making an “Thank You e-card” that can also be used as “wallpaper” for mobile phones that anyone can send to a frontline worker. We cannot thank them enough for the service that they do especially during this time but a little act of kindness & gratitude may help them get through the day.

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    Of Milk Teas, Smoothies and Pinoy Comfort Foods

    I’ve always been fascinated with food presentation and packaging. I find joy in just looking at the pastries behind the glass display and wondering when can I paint them the soonest. So when I went on my 8-week hiatus (a.k.a. “self-directed artist residency”), I fully immersed myself on painting my “dream food and drinks” - “dream” because I will only eat/drink them in my dreams! LOL!