The Happy Mail Project

It’s always a delight for me when I open my mailbox (the real thing, not Gmail!) and see “happy mails” instead of bills!

Snail mail, as well call it, is becoming more and more rare nowadays thanks to instant messaging and social media, keeping in touch with friends and family have become easier and almost instantaneous but we also lost that “handmade feel” that postcards and letters give. In some countries, postal workers are being laid off because there are no more snail mails to be delivered! Sad but true…

Spreading Good Vibes Through Art

I admire a lot of artists and their artworks inspire me a lot to pursue my creative journey. I have a growing number of art prints & postcards from artists that I admire in my collection for inspiration. This led me to the idea of:


Art Print/Postcard + Snail Mail Revolution =

It’s a monthly subscription service featuring the artworks of 2 guest artists and me in a postcard-size art print. You can use it as a postcard, mini poster or grow your art print collection for inspiration. More than collecting art prints, that feeling of receiving a Happy Mail every month is enough to keep your good vibes flowing month after month! How cool is that? 🙂

Ready to receive your Happy Mail? Click here

Dream Big

For 2 years, I’ve been dreaming of this project because:
  • I want this generation to experience how it feels like to receive snail mails complete with stamps & postmarks like I used to
  • to promote established and emerging artists like me
  • Lastly, I want to go on an I GOT ACCEPTED to an Artist Residency somewhere in Europe and work on my personal project: an Art Journaling Book. The book will be a “Buy One, Give One” and will be donated to girls and women victims of human trafficking and abuse because I’ve always believed that ART HEALS.

My artist friends were generous enough to support me on the Happy Mail Project by donating their artworks for print. I cannot thank them enough.

When you subscribe, your support will help me fund my residency so I could focus on my book project.  

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for quite some time now and today, March 21, my birthday, I am sending this out to the Universe and trusting that it will conspire to make this happen! (I am actually terrified right now telling you all of these at the same time stretching my courage muscles).

Will you support my Big Dream? YES!