Stretching My Courage Muscles

Today’s the day I announce 3 things out in the open:

  • This is my new (cyber)home where you will see some of my works and where I will blog on my new journey. What journey?!
  • This –>> I GOT ACCEPTED in an Artist Residency in Finland this September-November 2017!
  • And I am stretching my courage muscles to ASK for the online community’s support, my family’s and my friends’ (and friends’) support through a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN for my Artist Residency and Publication of the Art Journaling Book which I will distribute for FREE to girls and women survivors of human trafficking.

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for quite some time because I want you to know me – as an artist and an advocate for sustainability and women protection. I also had to fight the negative voices in my head telling me I cannot do this and no one will support me. In the process, it became clearer to me that THIS IS my calling. God did not put a dream on me without seeing it come to pass.

Please take some time to check out my crowdfunding site and hopefully you can support me in any way you can. (click on the image)

Thank you so much!!!

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