Overwhelmed by a Friend’s Effort

Last week, I thought my good friend, Reg, and I will have a “painting party”. Little did I know that she intended to shoot a video to help me raise funds for my Artist Residency. And she came in prepared! I was hesitant at first (as I am not comfortable facing a camera) but I just can’t dismiss her heartwarming efforts to help me. Thank you so much, Reg!

Please take time to get to know my project. You can also visit bit.ly/areu2017

Thank you!


Do you believe that ART HEALS? by Reg Silva of wedgienet.net

Airees Rondain is a busy mom who picked up a paintbrush and started making art only three years ago, at age 40. She uses art journaling as therapy in dealing with her bouts of depression. I met her via Instagram in 2012 and we’ve been good friends since. I shot and edited this video as she’s headed to an artist residency in FINLAND in a few months to pursue her passion project: publishing an art journaling book for women survivors of human trafficking to help them process their emotions and heal through art.

Help out Airees on her journey by donating to her crowdfunding (http://bit.ly/areu2017) or at least show your support by LIKING and SHARING this video to spread awareness!

* Donate to Airees’ Generosity crowdfunding site: http://bit.ly/areu2017
* For more details on Airees and her work, check out her FB page: Aireescreates – Paper.Paint.Pen
* Visit her website: http://aireescreates.website/

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